• Candice


  • Eric Y

    Eric Y

    Working smarter to get better everyday.

  • Miss CEO

    Miss CEO

    Miss CEO empowers young women with the ultimate leadership toolkit, mentorship, and career exploration opportunities. Learn more at www.missceo.org

  • d.school K-12 Lab

    d.school K-12 Lab

    Building creative confidence in kids

  • Julien Llanas

    Julien Llanas

    Manager @Deloitte

  • Kate McCarthy

    Kate McCarthy

    Straight-shooting, list-making, bad-ass-baking, scotch-drinking entrepreneur. Passionate about startups solving problems I care about.

  • Mark Barnett

    Mark Barnett

    Learning Experience Designer & Consultant. Currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Lana Guernsey

    Lana Guernsey

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