Purposeful Design Thinking

Design Thinking Needs a North Star

We’ve been on our design thinking journey for almost 6 years as a school. We chose to anchor our school in the design thinking process because we feel it’s the best way to help students learn the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in an unpredictable world. We felt that teaching students design thinking would help best prepare our students for the future, but we didn’t anticipate how much it would help us all navigate the uncertain world we live in right now. We are reflecting on how our commitment to design thinking has helped us during this public health crisis, but we are also thinking very critically about the limitations of design thinking. It should be noted that I very much believe that your writing is not just an articulation of your thoughts, but instead you write to figure out what you think. This is not a polished piece but instead a first attempt to help us understand our own experiences and the possible limitations of design thinking.

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